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Rabigh Arabian Water & Electricity Company, Ltd.

RAWEC is the special purpose company created to develop, own and operate the Rabigh IWSPP.

Rabigh Arabian Water & Electricity Company (RAWEC) has been established in September 2005 to own, operate and maintain an Independent Water, Steam and Power Plant that produces utilities for the Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Company (Petro Rabigh). The basis for the relationship between RAWEC and Petro Rabigh is formed by the Water and Energy Conversion Agreement (WECA).

RAWEC is owned by ACWA (37%), Marubeni (37%), JGC (25%) and Petro Rabigh (1%).

In June 1, 2008, RAWEC achieved commercial operation for its facilities and had been self-delivering the operation and maintenance activities required for the Plant.

In May 2014, RAWEC partnered with an O&M Contractor to boost its operations and maintenance activities. Rabigh Power Company (RPC) was formed and RPC has been operating and maintaining the plant for RAWEC since then.

RAWEC entered into an amendment to its existing WECA with Petro Rabigh to build an extension to the existing IWSPP for supplying Petro Rabigh additional utilities to its Rabigh 2 expansion. The amended and restated WECA became effective on March 16, 2015 and will expire on the 25th anniversary of the commencement of commercial operation scheduled to occur in June 2016.

As a result of building the RAWEC IWSPP Phase 2 project, RAWEC will increase its utilities supply by 44% in power, 82% in steam and 41% in distilled water to meet the increased demand of Petro Rabigh.

We offer reliable and uninterrupted supply of power, water and steam to Petro Rabigh Complex. The installed capacity currently is:

  • 5 Steam Turbines:          600 MW Electrical Power
  • 9 Boilers:                          4,230 t/h Steam
  • 16 RO Trains:                   8000 t/h Desalinated Water

With the on-going expansion of the Plant, RAWEC not only increases its capacity, we also seized the opportunity to improve our plant design to meet our client requirements and to confidently deliver uninterrupted service and decreasing operational risk.

At RAWEC, we believe that through a balanced approach towards and continual improvement of the three elements that we have, namely Assets (our plant), People (highly-competent manpower) and Systems (innovative systems), our goal of supplying reliable uninterrupted utilities to Petro Rabigh will be achieved.

Design Tailored Solution to Maximize Return. A fully redundant design is key to reliability and availability of the Plant. The elimination of single-point of failure of the plant design does not only ensure continuous supply of utilities, but also maximizes return for our client, as well as our shareholders.

Hiring and Retaining Talented People. RAWEC’s people make the difference. People are the key elements that enable Assets and Systems to perform at their best in the long run. We believe that our people are truly differentiating us from other players in the Independent Water, Steam and Power Producer arena. We are proud of our employees and we want our employees to be proud of the company.

Continuous Improvement of Systems. At RAWEC, we genuinely believe that innovation drives progress in the independent power and water business; through equipment and system modernization, developing people competencies, and ensuring environmentally acceptable and safe operations.

Francis Gomez

Executive Managing Director

Our Plant

Power Plant


The conventional thermal power plant with a contractual capacity of 360MW net power output is supplying uninterrupted power and steam to the whole Rabigh complex. The power plant consists of a highly reliable combination of equipment, which efficiently and cost effectively produces reliable energy, water and steam throughout the year, with turnaround cycles every 4 years, aligned to our customer’s needs.

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Desalination Plant


With a capacity of over 40 million imperial gallons/day, the Seawater Reverse Osmosis (‘SWRO’) Desalination Plant within the Rabigh Complex is the largest RO plant in the region. As the world’s first commercial three passes RO plant, it supplies high quality desalinated water at a lower cost than similarly-sized multi-stage flash (“MSF”) thermal desalination plants.

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Plant Expansion

The Phase 2 extension is to be constructed adjacent to the Rabigh I IWSPP within the Rabigh Complex and consists of a conventional thermal power plant and desalination facility with a nominal capacity of;

  • 160MW net power output
  • 1,015 t/h steam output
  • 2,270 t/h net water output

These outputs together with support from the Phase 1 Plant will be delivered to Petro Rabigh at the Rabigh II Project, the major expansion of the Rabigh I Project to complete the development of a world-class petrochemical complex and will produce a diverse slate of petrochemicals, most of which are newly introduced to the kingdom.

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