A football tournament was organized by NOMAC with the objective to strengthen the ties between all KSA sites and foster social integration in a friendly atmosphere whilst away from daily routine and work pressures. It is also to increase the partnership and cooperation among colleagues in different sectors of work, which will eventually reflect on productivity and create a healthy working environment.

A total of 8 teams were formed from the different sites to compete for the inaugural tournament, the various prices that were on offer and also simply to enjoy the occasion of having some fun together.

RAWEC in collaboration with our O&M partner, RPC, fully supported this tournament as such events help to foster greater team spirit, not only among the players but among the spectators from the various companies.

The following preliminary matches were played and won by our RAWEC/RPC football team, putting us in the final against Al Murjan / R2IPP:

Shuaibah/SWEC         –          RAWEC/RPC:                        0 – 3                Away

RAWEC/RPC                –          Shuaibah/SWEC:                 3 – 3                Home

Rabigh I /ROMCO       –          RAWEC/RPC:                        1 – 4                Semi Final

In the finals, RAWEC / RPC team rose to the occasion with an outstanding and spririted performance by convincingly overcoming our opponents 4 – 0, thereby taking the tournament by storm. Congratulations to RAWEC / RPC team!

Team members:

Name Position
Asim Al Gumishi Team Manager
Rami AL Hindi Team Captain
Abdullwahab Al Dosary Goal keeper
Adel Ataya Goal keeper
Ali Al Nakhli Player
Hattan Al Wahidi Player
Ahmad Assiri Player
Yousef AL Hindi Player
Moath Al Mohammadi Player
Wael Othman Player
Abdullah AL Harbi Player
Luay Al Ansari Player
Faris Al Subhi Player
Muallith Al Lehebi Player
Sami Al Hawsawi Player
Mohammed AL Hazmi Player
Jason Gomez Player
Abdulaziz Al Biladi Player
Meshal Al Oufi Player
Abdulaziz Aljedaani Player