Contact Us

Rabigh Arabian Water & Electricity Co., Ltd. (RAWEC)
P.O. Box 100, Rabigh – 21911
King Khalid Road, Al-Murjania District
Rabigh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Phone: +966 12 237 0703

Business Hours:
8:00AM-4:00PM Sunday to Thursday


Compliance Line:
Worldwide: +1-503-597-4327 (For local toll-free, please check the above mentioned website).

Going to RAWEC Head Office

RAWEC Head Office is located in Rabigh City, 143 kilometers from the City of Jeddah and 125 kilometers to King Abdulaziz International Airport.

From Jeddah City:

  1. From Jeddah, head North on highway 5 (Medina) to Rabigh City.
  2. Take exit 933 and then turn left (west) over the bridge towards Rabigh Town.
  3. Pass by Panda Supermarket and make U-Turn (approx 2.5km after highway).
  4. Dive back on same road (east) for approx. 1.4 km and turn right (south) after the gas station (opposite Rabigh Urban Center).
  5. The RAWEC Head Office is located on that road approx. 400m after the gas station on the right. The building is aluminium color and is clearly marked with large RAWEC Logos.