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RAWEC Corporate Video



Health and safety of employees is the highest top priority in RAWEC, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We have taken all necessary preventive actions and implemented all measures stated below:


  • RAWEC decided to keep the balance between the work-from-home policy and go-back-to-office regardless the roles or tasks of employees.
  • Staggered working hours was implemented, and employees were encouraged to work from home.
  • Temporary but very comfortable office with all the required amenities has been set up at KAEC to reduce the number of employees in head office, therefore, a group of employees are assigned to work only in KAEC.
  • Covid-19 Awareness campaigns were conducted and daily information report on the global and local pandemic situation is shared with employees on the company WhatsApp group.
  • Deep disinfection of office and accommodation areas are periodically performed.

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