Message from the Executive Managing Director, FRANCIS J. GOMEZ:

“I am very pleased to introduce to you the new face of RAWEC through our website!

Our company RAWEC as the owner of the Rabigh IWSPP, together with the O&M company RPC, are supplying reliable utilities in the form of electrical power, water and steam to the Petro Rabigh petrochemical complex. We are very honored and proud to be the trusted sole supplier of these utilities to our client and to be the live-blood of the complex. Such duty is not only a privilege but it comes with a huge amount of responsibility.

At RAWEC we are dedicated to supply uninterrupted utilities to our client around the clock, 365 days a year. We are continually striving to improve what we do and have developed a system that focuses on the three main element of our business: Assets, People and Systems (APS). All these elements are strongly interlinked and we are committed to continuously strive towards operational excellence.

Whether you are an employee, another stakeholder or simply a visitor to this website, I hope you find it interesting to read and learn about our company.”