Our Services

We offer reliable and uninterrupted supply of power, water and steam to Petro Rabigh Complex and we do this through processes that are aligned with the LAPS approach which optimizes the utilization and engagement of leadership, Assets, People and Systems. Below table shows the capacity of the assets that we own.

Utilities Phase I Phase II Total Plant Capacity
Power 600MW
(120MW x 5 Turbines)
(120MW x 2 Turbines)
(120MW x 7 Turbines)
Water 8,000t/h
(500t/h x 16 Trains)
(500t/h x 8 Trains)
(500t/h x 24 Trains)
Steam 4,230t/h
(470t/h x 9 Boilers)
(470t/h x 4 Boilers)
(470t/h x 13 Boilers)

The turnaround cycle of Rabigh IWSPP is aligned with the overall Petro Rabigh complex shut-downs and is conducted every 4 years to conduct major outage maintenance, mainly on common equipment.