Quality Policy

Quality is the foundation of delivering uninterrupted services to our customer. It is essential for the achievement of our ambition to sustain our IWSPP 5zeros. It therefore, must be embedded in our performance. We require all employees to be fully engaged, to understand their responsibility and adhere and comply with relevant standards, policies and procedures, incorporating the following elements:

>Fostering a quality mindset with a view of delivering services with zero error or defects by our employees and business associates.
> Continuously challenging ourselves to improve our quality plan and procedures to eliminate defects and prevent incidents. Encourage employee participation to further these improvements.
> Adopt a process and risk-based system to ensure quality, sustain improvement and deliver outstanding business performance.
> Promote quality responsibilities among employees and business partners through incorporation of standards, training, supervision and effective communication.
> Exceed customer and other stakeholder expectations by systematically considering the requirements and taking pleasure in delighting the concerned party.
> Implementing a regime of structured quality enhancement plan by setting annual quality objectives, performance of periodic assessment reviews and identification of required corrective actions to address improvement opportunities.
> Validating the effectiveness of the quality systems through internal and external audit processes in accordance with international standards and ensuring timely clearance of audit findings.