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ACWA Power is a developer, investor, co-owner and operator of a portfolio of power generation and desalinated water production plants currently with presence in 11 countries including in the Middle East and North Africa, Southern Africa and South East Asia regions. Its portfolio, with an investment value in excess of USD 32 billion, can generate 23+ GW of power and produce 2.5 million m3/day of desalinated water to be delivered on a bulk basis to state utilities and industrial majors on long term off-take contracts under Public-Private-Partnership, Concession and Utility Services Outsourcing models.

JGC was established in 1928 as Japan’s first engineering contractor and has executed more than 20,000 projects across the world. Since more than a decade ago, JGC has steadily grown its engagement in the investment and operation business pertaining to power and water plant projects in areas such as the Middle East, Europe and Japan etc. utilizing JGC’s technical expertise.  Their extensive engineering and project management capabilities have made JGC a unique investor and reliable partner in this field and JGC intends to continue to grow this presence further.

Petro Rabigh is an integrated oil-refinery and petrochemical producer utilizing 400,000 barrels per day of crude oil and 1.2 million tons per year of ethane as primary feedstock to produce a variety of refined petroleum products and petrochemical products. The refinery transferred from Saudi Aramco to Petro Rabigh has mainly been producing 8 million tons of heavy oil, 5.3 million tons of light oil, 3 million tons of naphtha and 2.6 million tons of kerosene annually. This refinery was upgraded to include a high olefin fluid catalytic cracking unit (HOFCC) for converting heavy and light oils to gasoline and other distillates, which added new annual capacities of 2.8 million tons of gasoline and 900,000 tons of propylene, a feedstock for petrochemical products.