APS Approach

At RAWEC, we believe that through a balanced approach towards and continual improvement of the three elements that we have, namely Asset (our plant), People (highly-competent manpower) and Systems (innovative systems), our goal of supplying reliable uninterrupted utilities to Petro Rabigh will be achieved.


Ensure optimal use of Assets in the short and long run to maximize reliability and ensure sustainable operations. A fully redundant design on maximized availability is key to high reliability of the Plant. Taking care of the assets through guidance of an asset management plan and effective operation and maintenance execution form the basis for the assets to provide long term returns. Continual improvement of the plant in terms of eliminating single-point of failure risks in the plant design and a solid management of change system does not only ensure continuous supply of utilities, but also maximizes return for our client as well as our shareholders.


Hiring and Retaining Talented People. RAWEC’s people make the difference. People are the key elements that enable Assets and Systems to perform at their best. We ensure that our employees are able to effectively and efficiently carry out their respective tasks. Initially by hiring people with the right skill set, through continual development and by providing opportunities to grow and learn. In addition, we have intrinsically designed training programs for skilled and motivated young Saudi nationals for them to enter the workforce in different fields and levels and offer targeted management development for highly talented individuals.


Continuous Improvement of Systems. At RAWEC, we genuinely believe that strong innovation drives progress in the independent power and water business; through equipment and system modernization, developing/enhancing people’s competencies and potentials, and ensuring environmentally acceptable and safe operations. We incessantly work towards optimizing and linking systems in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness throughout the company and strive to optimize the productivity at the highest level at all times.