HSSE Policy

We are committed to adopt best practices to provide process& Occupational safety, health, industrial hygiene, environment protection in operating our facilities. In addition, we pledge to maintain rigorous and comprehensive security and crisis management systems designed to effectively respond to emergency events in all areas of our operations, incorporating the following elements:

> Place HSSE paramount and that no task is more important than the safety of our assets, people and environment we operate in.
> Ensure that HSSE requirements are applied equally to all stakeholders and all concerned are able to report HSSE issues openly, without facing any retribution.
> Comply with all applicable HSSE laws and regulations, ACWA Power HSSE Management standards, and other applicable HSSE procedures and requirements to ensure safe and secure work environment.
> Design and operate our plants to have effective process safety programs, reliable operations and continually improve our systems, performance and training of personnel by setting aggressive targets, providing adequate resources, and routinely measuring and monitoring our performance.
> Assess and manage the HSSE risks related to our operations, our current and future facilities, buying or selling new products/chemicals, and acquiring a new business.
> Implement effective plans, systems and programs to ensure the security of employees, information, IT assets and business continuity and to prevent access by unauthorized personnel.
> Ensure availability of effective crisis management and emergency response capabilities to respond to incidents and/or emergency situations at our plants.
> Maintain openness, transparency and a continuing dialogue with our employees, our communities, regulatory authorities, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, and report our sustainability performance.

Ahmad AlAsam
Executive Managing Director