Our People

People are one of the most valuable assets in RAWEC. We believe that success of the Company relies on the quality of its workforce who collectively knows how to deliver results. The culture of the Company plays a pivotal role in creating a climate that will ignite individual innovation, quality/productivity consciousness and results-driven attitude while enjoying both sense of accomplishments and sense of belongingness.

During employment in RAWEC, employees are given not only lucrative jobs but have the opportunity for challenging careers. We encourage our people to uphold the highest standards of workmanship in performing their tasks and while doing so, they are directed towards developing their full potentials as living and thinking individuals. To assist them in their career development, the Company is investing in Learning and Development with the core principle that each employee has the potential to develop and competencies to continually improve for optimized performance. A well-trained workforce provides relevant results that are essential to achieving corporate goals. Specific training programs for young Saudi nationals have been established to ensure continual development of the local workforce.

RAWEC is upholding a culture that fosters individual enhancement and promoting team spirit. The corporate culture as derived from its core values; Reliability, Safety, Team Work, Service Quality is managed and sustained by the right recognition and rewards systems. Several initiatives have been employed to ensure that continuous improvement is principally promoted in all levels of employees without compromising the primary values of business ethics, integrity and professionalism.