Our People

We believe that success of the Company relies on the commitment and quality of its team to deliver results. The culture of the Company plays a pivotal role in creating a climate that will ignite individual innovation, productivity, consciousness, and results-driven attitude while enjoying both sense of accomplishments and sense of belonging. To foster individual development, we invest in learning and development with the core principle that each employee has the potential to develop his competency to optimize performance.
RAWEC’s Saudi identity is crucial to its existence. Our commitment to develop our employees through continuous training is unprecedented and accelerate our Saudi national employees’ opportunities in key positions includes personal and professional development programs, on a job training, apprentice training programs. Additionally, RAWEC’S 1.6 M USD state-of-the-art plant simulator training center, one-of-its-kind in Saudi Arabia, provides an all-encompassing training experience covering all parts of IWSPP Integrated Plant. This makes learning at RAWEC awesome.

From the managers to maintainers, every day, every person at RAWEC has added their potential to bring the partnership into motion in its journey to excellence, creating a work environment that is welcoming, collaborative and of course, robust, ensures a high level of satisfaction amongst employees.