RAWEC ensures that it pursues the right strategy in attracting, employing, developing, and retaining quality Saudi nationals as company employees.

Saudization in RAWEC is considered a vitally essential internal program, not only as a contractual obligation with our client neither as a legal compliance to current government mandates and ministerial requirements. Indeed, Saudization is our corporate initiative that purposefully caters to long-term organizational stability. Given its long term agreement as utilities provider for Petro Rabigh and the tightening job market for related skills, RAWEC is devoted in developing and maintaining a quality and highly relevant Saudi workforce on all position levels in the Company. Moreover, RAWEC is embarking Saudization as an integral part of the efforts related to its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Professional Development Plan (PDP) Program

RAWEC Management has initiated a strategic management program called the Professional Development Program or “PDP” for young Saudi graduates.  PDP is a management initiative to sustain operational needs of Rabigh IWSPP in terms of manpower resources in a long-term perspective. Providing manpower in terms of numbers is insufficient without focusing on the selection and training of the right candidates. Likewise, PDP is designed to support the government in its objectives for sustaining economic growth by providing opportunities for professional Saudis rewarding and fulfilling careers in the best ways possible. Specifically, the objectives of the program are:

  • Invest in human capital development to ensure long term sustainability through a structured program and creating a culture that supports professional and skills development.
  • Development of young Saudi “High Potentials” by means of a guided on-the-job training and soft skill development process into high caliber-employees and future leaders within the Rabigh IWSPP.
  • Fast track development of university graduates in all aspects of the business whilst maximizing interaction with experienced employees.

The current PDP Program is a two-year extensive training program provided to well-deserving limited number of Saudi nationals.

Apprenticeship Program

As a strategic source of future technical personnel, RAWEC is continually sponsoring apprentices who undergo a two-year program in the Higher Institute for Water and Power Technology (HIWPT), a vocational institute aiming to advance Water & Power technology training in Saudi Arabia located in Rabigh.

From a stringent screening of qualified high school local graduates, RAWEC intends to support and develop the selected apprentices into becoming highly-skilled power plant personnel and thereby, providing them with fruitful and challenging career opportunities in the future. Specifically after completing the 2-Year Curriculum in the Institute, the apprentices will undergo another six-month of On-The-Job (OJT) Program to further intensify their readiness to assume appropriate roles in the IWSPP. The OJT program is another structured internal work certification program that provides them the necessary information on plant fundamentals to equip them to become highly competent personnel in operating and maintaining the plant.