Operational Excellence

February 18, 2020 was a remarkable and memorable day for all IWSPP family members. We had an extremely productive, valuable and highly motivational workshop on our transformation journey towards operational excellence. The workshop was initiated by sharing high value lessons learned which gave us the passion to continuously improve.

Francis Gomez, our Executive Managing Director rolled up the roadmap for this journey. He started by shedding lights on the main objective of this initiative which is primarily achieving IWSPP 5Zeros.

He said, “We are not asking you to embark on ambitious initiatives, we just want you to execute your scope differently, making good practices a habit and not awaiting enforcement”. All together we can make excellence our habit”. Mr. Sami Alghamdi, Chief Technical Officer, facilitated the whole workshop where IWSPP precious minds then gathered in groups and started generating ideas in 4 hours brainstorming session.  Four main pillars were discussed; Leadership, Asset, People, System (LAPS). There was a storm of suggestions resulted in value-creation initiatives.

Valuable inputs and suggestions came out from the workshop. It was highly spirited, and the engagement level was significant. Thanks to the commitment of all participants. The challenge is to bae able to seamlessly implement the many suggestions provided in order that we make best practices our habit.