Simulator Training Center

In 2016 RAWEC commissioned a state of the art, high fidelity, training simulator (US$ 1.6 million investment) covering all parts of the plant, namely power island, desalination plant, FGDs and DM plant. The simulator is a replica of the plant with the DCS portion being emulated from the existing control loops. The simulator provides for predefined and user created operation and emergency scenarios. The training progress can be monitored by objective parameters defined by the trainer.

  • Reduce start-up and shutdown times
  • Handling of utility system and process unit trips and other upsets
  • Fault diagnosis, alarm handling and corrective actions in case of process equipment
  • Operator awareness, skills and readiness
  • Provides a risk-free plant operating training
  • Demonstrate recovery from various upsets and malfunctions
  • Testing and validation of operating procedures & control strategies.
  • Evaluation of control stability