Corporate News

RAWEC considering raising further debt in the capital or loan markets

Rabigh Arabian Water and Electricity Company (RAWEC) (99% indirectly owned by ACWA Power) is considering raising incremental senior debt in the capital or loan markets. This facility would further supplement and would be pari-passu to the previously announced US$ 800 million equivalent senior debt facility that was drawn down on Dec 30, 2021 and the […]

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Phase I T&I 2020

At IWSPP the T&I is executed once in 4 years following the T&I cycle of the client (Petro Rabigh). Generally during T&I time the scope is primary focused on common systems and the previous T&I was in 2015. An integrated project organization was developed consisting of employees from RAWEC and RPC to take up key

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Annual Medical Check-up 2019

Employees’ annual physical checkup plays an important role in managing the employee’s healthcare and awareness to prevent the risk of interpersonal diseases. Increasing workplace health-care perception has become a major issue in the world. Most of the health-related problems are faced because of the lack of health management instruments. The level of health care can

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Simulator Training Center

In 2016 RAWEC commissioned a state of the art, high fidelity, training simulator (US$ 1.6 million investment) covering all parts of the plant, namely power island, desalination plant, FGDs and DM plant. The simulator is a replica of the plant with the DCS portion being emulated from the existing control loops. The simulator provides for

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Operational Excellence

February 18, 2020 was a remarkable and memorable day for all IWSPP family members. We had an extremely productive, valuable and highly motivational workshop on our transformation journey towards operational excellence. The workshop was initiated by sharing high value lessons learned which gave us the passion to continuously improve. Francis Gomez, our Executive Managing Director

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