Phase I T&I 2020

At IWSPP the T&I is executed once in 4 years following the T&I cycle of the client (Petro Rabigh). Generally during T&I time the scope is primary focused on common systems and the previous T&I was in 2015. An integrated project organization was developed consisting of employees from RAWEC and RPC to take up key responsibilities (Area Leaders) under the direction of a Project Director, in short, an IWSPP T&I team.

IWSPP-(RAWEC & RPC) T&I 2020 was started on 6th March & completed successfully on 15th April. A lot of challenges took place due to covid-19 pandemic which was resulted to shortage in resources and manpower. Despite various challenges the team successfully completed all T&I activities within schedule without LTI. We have around 1,300 peak manpower working round the clock and achieved 440,867 Manhours during this T&I.

The main objectives of T&I 2020 is to enhancing & ensure the reliability is sustained by conducting:

  • Maintenance of all common systems
  • Overhaul critical equipment & parts
  • Complete DCS system upgrade
  • Implement Power Management System
  • Extensive GRP Inspection & Upgrade
  • Inspection & Testing of protection panels & relays